Meadowlark Sampler Box

Meadowlark Sampler Box

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Rooting for a place to get started? Look no further.  January 2018 Sampler:

3 packs bacon, loin roast, 2 racks spare ribs, center cut chops, 2 packs breakfast sausage, 1 pack chorizo, 2 packs ground beef, 1 pack bem burger (beef/pork) pre-made patties and a package a of bacon ends to sweeten the deal. *to get delivery to your door tell your friends and family, if we get an order of 4 boxes or more in your area we'll come to you.  
     The Meadowlark sampler box is a great little taste of our fully woodlot- and pasture-raised, heritage breed pork. GMO-free feeds, never given antibiotics or hormones, and never confined; our hogs aren't just happy, we keep them out on pasture longer so the meat gets more flavor. 
     The sampler box is a rotating item, so you'll get a little variety of our offerings. Sausages, chops, bacon, ham steak, pork sticks, summer sausage, these are just some of the regulars, but a heavy emphasis on quick cooking cuts over roasts. Even something from our nose-to-tail provisions from time to time. 
     As with all of our meats, no nitrates or preservatives here.
     Also makes a great gift! 

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