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I learned quickly that there’s never enough money to fix a dilapidated old 1890s farmhouse and outbuildings without some nod to the way farmers used to do things.  Whitewash is considered a poor man’s paint; however, this ancient and rich traditional method is full of wisdom and respect for our environment.

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The Farmhouse Floor 1992

My mama is the guest blogger again this month, it's been too much fun to dig through the cedar chest and find old newspaper articles, newsletters, and pictures from the early days of farm life. Knowing life is not linear, all of this "looking back" feels more than reminiscent but a guide to cherish the present. Because, as we know, it's all we have.  We wish you and yours a very happy holiday season. - Amy

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Stand Still

During the holiday season, our biggest wish as a family was that time would stand still.  We wanted to savor every minute, especially when children were grown and visits were hinging on airline schedules or hours of drive time.  I always cleaned and cooked and prayed that we could all be together safe and sound, the same prayer my mom said when we were heading home in those early years.  It was when we were all gathered at the table in the first moment we were all together that my husband would pronounce year after year, “I wish time could stand still.”

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