Winter Welcome

Like an old friend, winter comes. Curled up in flannel sheets, tucked tight under the down comforter with my wool blanket pulled up to my nose is where I would like to stay for most of a Missouri winter. Hibernation. Welcoming the time of year that it is okay to rest, go to bed early, read a book or stay home from an outing or event because it is time to keep still with a cup of tea or sip on some broth. It's not all warm fuzzy socks and a house coat, one of which I don't even own, but it is a time to rest. Hence, why this blog is being published on February 1. I took a time out from a few things as I was putting energy into planning and incubating projects. January is good for that.  

This year it felt like winter solstice brought an abrupt transition into colder temps on the shortest day of sunlight. I have lived in other parts of the country with colder weather and longer winters but there is something about a Missouri negative degree day that cut right through the layers and settle in your bones. Maybe I don't agree with colder weather as well as I used to, but I don't believe my skin is that thin yet! Maybe I wasn't breaking ice and sitting up with a sow as she was delivering through a cold and windy night.  We farrowed 40 piglets from mid-December until now. During moderate temps we leave the sows in the field or forest wherever she may be to have her litter, they do just fine on their own.  Some choose shelter, some choose to build their own nest and wander off by themselves.  With the severe cold temps, we bring a group of sows up to the barn one week before pigging where they have access to deep bedding and heat lamps.  

Hopefully, the coldest part is behind us as our days are already getting longer.  We made plenty of soups and stocks this winter with a steady supply of bones simmering.   We put together bundled and boxed meat packages that include our nose-to-tail provisions such as broth, salves, and soaps. If you missed out on our January sampler box you'll have more opportunities to get the goods.  

Our February offerings include a Super Bowl Bundle filled with big flavor for the big game. Sweet offerings for Valentine's Day: a bacon and chocolate lovers box of decadent goodness. The chocolates are handmade truffles and feature 100% local honey. Imagine the signature whiskey and smoked applewood, sea salt truffle as a compliment to Meadowlark Farm bacon. Find our complete offering on our website.  

Keep an eye out for a rotating menu of meats and provisions, each month is different and tailored to seasonal foods such as soups, slow cookers, and BBQ's. 

Our plans and projects are hatching. Coming up quickly is our Cooking with Cast Iron class at Be Well Studio on February 25th. Recipes align with our use of clean whole foods, meats, eggs, and traditional fats from pastured livestock.  

Our nose-to-tail provisions curator, theeverydaygoodlife co. will be co-hosting along with me. Check out the link to buy your ticket and reserve your spot. Look forward to seeing you there!