Whole Hogs and Early Morning Jogs


It was, and still is, a food-centric and health conscious environment I grew up in on Hog Trough Road. No kidding, that's the name of the county road my sister, brother, and I called home.  It wasn't the home of any pigs during our formative years, but in the eras past it had been. The farm life was sown into our memories and it was what we would return to. Distinctly remembering my childhood and the garden that went on for acres (in my mind), the house filled with the smell of fresh cut herbs, and goat milk soap thickening in the pot as the KitchenAid whisked round and round. I understood the value of a dollar as I worked festivals with my family selling our soap, herbal vinegars, and salves knowing the money we made would be spent as Holiday funds. This was the start of my life-long education in healthy systems, everything interdependent on the other.   

Formal education led to a Health Promotion and Wellness degree and collegiate athletic career at MSSU, a Massage Therapy License, and Yoga Teacher Training. Drawing on life-skills and formal education to integrate whole health concepts; woven into the performance, production, regeneration, and enjoyment of it all. The skill sets acquired through an enriched childhood on the farm and a formal education flows back and forth, laying the foundation for new perspectives on old ways. Some like to say it's simple math, calories in and calories out, draining the pleasure and life out of food. Fat-free labels became the new norm and our shelves at the grocery store began to see more in the ingredients' list. Preservatives and other ways to out-wit nature with the newest chemical ready crop. Sugar was given new names and taste buds were changed. Remembering the lamb, cattle, venison, and occasional rooster we used to butcher on our farm, another kind of animal production, unknown to me, grew rapidly. Wasn't this how every animal was raised, cared for, and harvested? Large confinement operations and the manner in which their animals were reared and treated all the way up to slaughter were not a part of my awareness. AND THAT WAS THE GAME CHANGER.  The biggest driver to return to the farm was to raise meat that we would eat. Fat has returned to its rightful seat with pastured and humanely raised animals FULL OF FLAVOR and PLEASURE OF TASTE. 

Farming and farm systems require the same attention to health in relationship to the soil, animals, and humans.  As a lifelong athlete, the nutritional benefits of the hog have offered endurance and longevity to my activity level. Every batch of broth I make has trotters. Every batch of cured bacon is free from sodium nitrates. No sugar is added to the essentials such as breakfast sausage, original bratwurst, and bacon. Don't have a taste for liver that's full of B- vitamins and iron? Neither did I until it was properly prepared. We are now taking country pate pre-orders for the Holiday season. Indulge your taste-buds and nourish your body. Chef Alex Giger and Meadowlark Farm have teamed up again bringing a truly pleasurable taste experience to your harvest table. 

Riverbluff Farm soap, salves, and lotion bars live on with our lard as a main ingredient in our nose-to-tail provisions.  Want it all? We've got it ready for you. Order a quarter, half, or whole hog and bring the best of our farm to your family.