About the farmers

Eric and Amy Kinman are the happy farmers of Meadowlark Farm, home of the Nutty Pigs. Combined life experience and a love of adventure made them perfect candidates to return to and carry on their family farming traditions. Finding fulfillment and purpose in a days work, working side by side with family they have created a life they love. Taking cues from the natural world and what suits the farm itself, they have chosen to embrace permaculture and organic practices. The farms' polyculture consists of heritage-breed hogs, heritage-breed poultry, and heirloom crops.  

  As members of the Livestock Conservancy, Amy and Eric are committed to protecting endangered livestock and poultry breeds from extinction. The rare breeds chosen by Meadowlark are part of a rich tradition of diversified farming practices and a unique biodiversity. They feel a deep connection to the land and farm, the animals they keep, and the people they serve.  Thank you for being a part of their adventure! 

About the nutty pigs

Starting with 6 feeder hogs from Chuck and Janie Held of Nutty Pig, Meadowlark Farm has now grown to a full-time operation raising Red Wattles and Large Black heritage hog breeds. From the moment those first six hogs arrived, they fell in love with the Red Wattle and Large Black breeds. The pastures and woodlots are now filled with Black Wattles, a Red Wattle X Large Black cross. Their an easy temperament and inclination to forage fit perfectly in the farms' Ozark forests and open, biodiverse pastures. The result is happy hogs and, as you can taste and see, superior meats. 

  Meadowlark utilizes rotational grazing methods in both our woodlots and our pastures. Our hogs happily forage amongst the grasses and the trees, seasonally getting their fill of hickory nuts, acorns, and black walnuts. Their foraging is supplemented with non-GMO grains, milled on the farm. Our hogs are always on pasture or in woodlots, never confined. We never use additional hormones or antibiotics. 

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